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Weddings, unfortunately, contribute significantly high carbon emissions. From guests travelling from far and wide, to logistics of wedding suppliers, to single-use products, the impact on the environment quickly adds up. As a wedding business owner, I see it as my responsibility to find and implement sustainable practices to mitigate my impact on the environment.

As part of my current PhD, I have been a Climate Scholar at the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures at the University of Leeds. I take environmental impact very seriously, so here are the main areas in which I am committed to reducing my business's carbon footprint:





Local Travel

Ethical Printing

Digital Delivery

Going Paperless

I am partnered with an ethical album company who use FSC papers and boards and source ethical materials.

In 2023 I walked to over 40% of weddings. In 2024, it will be over 53%. Serving hyper-local weddings has made significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Since 2019 all photo galleries have been delivered by digital download. This cuts down on postage but also unnecessary USBs.

Since 2018 I have been delivering contracts using an online system. This cuts down on paper, postage materials and transportation. It's also easier and faster than before.

Member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance

Member of The Sustainable Wedding Alliance

I am a member of The Sustainable Wedding Alliance, a collective of eco-conscious wedding industry suppliers with an aim to making positive change and reducing the industry's carbon footprint.

Areas for immediate improvement include changing energy suppliers to 100% renewable. Swapping partner print labs and/or products to only those that are sustainable and/or that offset their own emissions.

By the end of 2025, it is my aim to be Carbon Neutral. By the end of 2026, Carbon Positive. There are always area for improvement, and this will include calculating my carbon footprint and offsetting this through environmental projects.

Room For Improvement