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It's ridiculous that couples in the LGBTQ+ community still have to worry about whether their potential wedding suppliers are LGBTQ+ friendly. But here we are, in 2024, where the wedding industry can still do better. I have always been an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding supplier, and as a member of the community myself, recently launched my joint wedding photography brand, Love is Love Studio.

a lesbian couple in white wedding dresses smiling and holding hands walking towards the camera
a gay couple in matching blue suits laughing in York
gay farmers cuddling in a country lane
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Love Has No Gender

It is important for me that you as a couple feel:

You should never have to worry about a photographer who aligns with heteronormative ideas of what a couple look like. Neither of you should be labelled the femme or the masc one. And you should be free to express yourselves honestly and truthfully. I make sure you both feel comfortable and can be the true you in front of the camera.

Marriage Equality for All

Be authentically you. It's been 10 years since the Marriage Equality Act was introduced but I believe the wedding industry can do better. Through my queer wedding photography brand, Love is Love Studio, I have been advocating for better visibility and representation of queer weddings. Love is love, and that's what drives my passion for capturing couples on their wedding day, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or how they wish to express their love. I will make you feel seen, and I will make you feel represented as your truly authentic selves.

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